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2JG, A horse is almost always a horse

Ray Wylie Hubbard once said, “I’d have to say the most important thing about songwriting is, right after you write a song, ask yourself, ‘can I sing this for twenty-five years?’ I’m serious. I’m really serious.” It stuck with me when I started my auspicious career and it sticks with me now this blogging thing that seems to be sweeping the nation.

If I’m being honest, I’ll be sure to write twenty-six posts. After that, prospects are iffy. I’m writing to entertain myself, of course, but all six or seven of you family members and friends of my parents are welcome to read along as I do

(Rule 1*.) And since I’m writing for me, I will write on whatever topic strikes my fancy. (Rule 2*.) Sometimes, that topic will be my many great achievements, whether under my own name or one of my many famous pen names (all deceased for at least 70 years, of course, out of an abundance of caution). I may also write in different ways, sometimes seriously and sometimes less seriously.

(Rule 3*.) All for twenty-six days at the least.

*There are indeed rules. For reasons that should be obvious (see, first sentence after the quote), I will feature each in a separate post.

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