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Who is JG?

I am an author by night and lawyer by day, which is another way of saying that I write to feed my family and my soul. Nobody practices law for twenty without enjoying it. I am no different in that regard, having written countless briefs, several of which have broken new ground, as well as articles. But my passion lies in giving creation and voice to imagination, to lives, relationships, and worlds, to telling stories that withstand scrutiny and the unforgiving nature of logic.

I write what sparks my interest, not necessarily what I know at the outset. Research, therefore, drives my process, and I find little more fascinating than finding and living in the details. The Master’s Mark, the first book in the Pembroke Trilogy, involves William the Conqueror’s little-told brutal conquest of northern England, time travel, and gravity waves.  The Green Planet explores the ramifications of a world in which flora revolts. You can find me discussing these and the things I love on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Originally from San Diego, I’ve lived in five countries and visited more than 100 countries. I spent a decade in DC before my family decamped for a small, vibrant city in the south. I love my garden, weightlifting set, hiking gear, camera, bagels, and clothing. A value eater with a short commute, I have no interest in expensive cars or food. 

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